Obsidian Arrowhead

Production can start anywhere from 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. I ask that you allow 21 business days for me to create your unique handcrafted pendant. Please allow the full 21 days before requesting a status update.


Obsidian Arrowhead
Handcrafted using non-tarnish copper wire on a 20" black rope necklace.


Wizard Stone

Protection Stone

Helps develops intuition

Assist you in contacting your spirit guides

Lucky stone

Make a wish. 


All photos displayed on website of the crystals and stones are for example only. 

Your pendant will not look like the featured above. Reason being, these are hand selected, natural raw stones and crystals. They will not be exactly the same. The beauty behind having a handcrafted raw pendant, is that it's just like you, one of a kind.

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