Self-Discovery Coach

30 Day Program!

How much are you willing to invest in your story?

The value of your mindset is priceless. More importantly the value of your happiness is vital to your growth.
A self-discovery coach is someone who guides and encourages you along the journey of rewriting your story. As your coach I must remind you that I'm not your therapist. 
I will not be able to help you through your trauma, but I will remind you to focus on what you can control which is your PRESENT life experiences.
Self-Discovery Coach 
-Helps You-Improve your relationships 
- Clarify your goals
- Improves creativity 
- Identify what you want out of life with solution-based results.
As your Self-Discovery Coach I understand that everyone is different and there is no "one size fits all" way to coach.
* Weekly 1 hour video chat, phone call or in person meeting. (30minutes twice a week)
* Weekly homework assignments to aid in your personal development.
* Motivation tools such as videos, book suggestions and more. 
* Monthly video call with all the Beautiful Weirdos in the community. This will be a time to reflect and encourage each other. 

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