How long is production time?
Please allow 10-21 business days from the date of purchase for production and shipping. This means I have 10-21 business days to create and ship your item. Business days are Monday-Friday. Multiple orders will require additional time. Please allow 21-30 business days.
How do I know which crystal or stone is for me?
Take a look at all of them. Read the healing properties of each and allow your energy to guide you. I also recommend doing a quick Google search to find more information on the stone or crystal you're interested in.
How do I cleanse my crystals or stones?
Sage and incense are my number one choices for cleansing, but there are other ways to cleanse. My suggestion is to do a quick Google search to find more ways to cleanse your new piece. Each piece is cleansed prior to shipping, but you can always cleanse them again.
How do I charge my stones or crystals?
I would recommend you research your specific stone or crystal prior to charging. Some stones and crystals do not favor sunlight. I charge in the moonlight, but sunlight is an option.
Why is the copper losing it's bright color?
Copper is a great conductor for harnessing the energy of the stone or crystal. The copper may start the oxidation process due to many reasons. It could be the oils from your skin or being exposed to different elements. Don't worry the copper is still working it's magic!
What if I lose my crystal?
If you lose your necklace look at it like this. That piece has served its purpose and you are now on to something else. The goal is for you to harness the energy from the stone or crystal. If you feel you want that same energy you can always purchase another.