Second sleep is needed.

Second sleep is needed.

To: Beautiful Weirdos 

From: Tyra 

Date: 1/15/23 

Time: 6:44pm 

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Mood: Inspired.  

Music Meditation: Overgold

Affirmation: God and The Universe got my back like Chiroprac-tic. Yes! 

Journal Prompt: Are you making time for rest?


Hey Beautiful Weirdos, 

Do any of you feel like rest should be the number priority right now? The need to just do nothing is starting to creep into my forefront. When the energy is high like this, I know I’m not alone.   

I gave myself permission to rest. You would think this would be an easy choice, but it’s been a bit challenging. We all have busy lives and try our best to make time for self-care. Here are a couple of the practices I’ve implemented for me to make sure I have my “me time” during the week. 


TURN YOUR PHONE OFF- If you can do this, please try it. Turn your phone off for 30 minutes. Use this time wisely. You can go for a walk, open that book you need to finish, sit in silence or do whatever you want to do that allows you to relax. Start with 3 days a week and then schedule it in if you have too. 


TAKE A BATH- This one is my favorite. Set your intentions and create your vibe beforehand. Light your candles, incense and get your lo-fi beats playlist ready. If you don’t have one purchase a bath pillow and bath rack and enjoy 30 minutes of relaxation. 


These two practices allow me to rest and recharge without rush. I hope you can use these throughout the week. What practices have you implemented to ensure you have your “me time” during your busy week? 

Enjoy your week. Show up and kick ass on purpose this week! 

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