Founder & Owner of Beautiful Weirdos
I'm Tyra - the creator of Beautiful Weirdos! You can look at me as your contributor, crystal slanger, intuitive homie and spiritual plug here to assist you with embracing your inner WEIRDO! I slang healing stones and crystals, I offer tips on how to release the noise of negative self talk through journaling, how to properly manifest and insight and advice based on my personal journey! My mission is to help you: Tap into YOUR personal power, Embrace ALL THINGS that are unique to you, OWN your story and REWRITE THAT SHIT!
What We Do
Beautiful Weirdos offers jewelry and gifts that invigorate the human spirit. We believe in the power of beauty, transformation, and manifestation. We want to share our love for self-discovery and empowerment with you. Everything in our store is completely unique while also rooted deep into spiritual purpose to give each customer an enlightening experience they can't get anywhere else. What are you waiting for? Shop with us and begin to embrace your inner weirdo!